South London MC MorDan Words is versatile on the mic. On New Years day 2017 he released his first solo EP Librascale. Garnering co-signs from all his peers and studio personalities, he has quickly followed that up.

Now keeping with the momentum he presents to you Juvenilia, a 7 track musical montage that pulls inspiration to the emcee’s early youth with poignant lyrical references no better typified than in the song “From South Side (Angel)”. MorDan raps “waving my hands to Nelson Mandela when he came to Brixton/before gentrification took place had the culture missing”

Growing up on old skool garage, grime and US Hip-Hop,  it’s easy to see why this body of work is shaped differently from the norm.  Kano rings to mind as one of the few emcees who last fused old skool garage, grime and hip-hop into one crowd pleasing body of work note Home Sweet Home.

MorDan Words takes the mantle shaping UK culture sonically in notable tracks such as “Juvenilia” where he raps “grew up in Clapham and Croydon child of South West/Through out my whole life seeing C’s in my address/Product of the environment but never seized by my address”.