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In this saturated new generation gimmicky world of UK Urban Music, very few come with the social conscious and intellect to offer something genuine. Hail Mordan Words aka ‘The plug” someone who offers the scarred, personal and witty truth of day to day life.

With varied flows, imaginative lyricism and a fresh sound,  after years of development in UK raps underground scene as part of the short-lived promising rap duo Younited kings, now solo,  he released his first effort the Librascale EP.

With the resurgence of British UK Rap & Grime culture it makes sense for Mordan Word, a skilled songwriter,  to show his persistence as an hybrid artist. Rather than to focus on one particular genre or style Mordan is able to cultivate thought and move the masses with a myriad of subject matters.

Not one to let his image (scars) hold him back in this social media conscious world of selfies, trapstars and ballers,  Mordan prevails off his talent to playfully curate the kind of wordplay that has you listen in to rhymes woven within rhymes, second guessing your initial thoughts and reaching for that repeat button. “Forget Brexit my mandem on a next tip, long as the trip is to Dam red light district won’t be affected” – Taken from the song “But True Say”.

There is no F64, no battling on UK Rap/Grime sets, no co-sign, no graphically poignant trapstar from rags to riches celebratory storyline that could make a Noel Clarke directed infamous biopic for today’s youth. Instead what we have is a young man with a studious work ethic, knowledge to his craft and a Music Technology Specialist degree at his arsenal.

Stay tuned for updates on his career – As the buzz continues to grow. All he asks is that you don’t sleep on him.

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